Provide high quality services in the networks and telecomunications.

Codes & Certifications

NACIS Codes: 517911,517919,541618.

PSC Codes: D399,D320,D329,D316,N070,NO75.​CAGE CODE: 84M85


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SPX is focused in providing reliability, trust and attention to detail for our customer's business needs.

Our working  culture is founded on completing each project in a timely manner without compromising quality and reliability.

About us.

SPX, shares the new talent in the telecomunications industry with the experience and management to deliver execptional services to our customers email:spxnetworksolutions@suppliexinc.com

Core Competencies

SPX helps their customers meet their technology requirements delivering  the following technical resources.\:
Annual hardware maintenance 
Ciber security
Data back up
Annual software maintenance services plans
Data entry
System acquisition support
Facility operation and maintenance




SPX takes every customer requirement as unique, delivering a personalized detailed attention.  Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.